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Executive Summary

Sheckler Contracting, Inc. is a commercial construction company, operating as a small business, that provides services for the Federal Aviation Administration along with other various Government Agencies. Commercial construction is one of the fastest growing business sectors of our economy, and Sheckler Contracting, Inc. looks forward to providing quality services to the our clients for upcoming projects.


Mission Statement

The mission at Sheckler Contracting, Inc. is to remain a premiere provider of quality and professional work to the commercial industry. We have provided our clients with a high standard and a professional grade of work for over 40 years, and will continue this trend during future projects. 


Company History

Sheckler Contracting, Inc. was formed in the summer of 1967 by Paul M. Sheckler. Mr. Sheckler started his career with residential home building, small commercial business building and general remodeling. Mr. Sheckler, during this time, made a name for himself as a qualified builder in Northwest Pennsylvania. With the experience he and his men gained, he started the growth of Sheckler Contracting Inc. from a local contractor to a commercial contractor. In the 80’s Mr. Sheckler collaborated with Firestone Building Products and became a licensed installer. With this Mr. Sheckler was able to break into the ever growing commercial roofing industry. Sheckler Contracting, Inc. then began doing work in various School Districts along with local and state Government Agencies. The experience gained in the commercial roofing industry would help open a door to the Federal Aviation Administration. In mid 80’s, Sheckler Contracting, Inc. was approached to be a subcontractor on a VORTAC site for the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Sheckler then learned the vast opportunities the FAA had to offer a small business in the commercial industry. In the 90’s, Sheckler Contracting, Inc. decided to once again expand their opportunities with the FAA to include work on runways, shelter buildings, antenna tower erection, landing systems, office space, ATCT renovations and various site work. In 2008, Travis P. Sheckler took over as President/Owner of Sheckler Contracting, Inc. from his father. Travis has since continued the growth of the company by expanding their territorial work of the Federal Aviation Administration to include the Eastern, New England, Southern, Central, Great Lakes and Southwestern Regions. Sheckler Contracting, Inc. Currently the company performs a majority of their work with the FAA and other Government Agencies along with private commercial roofing and skylight installation projects and has branched into Design/Build commercial remodeling projects that include but are not limited to interior/exterior office, retail, sales, dealership, etc.. Throughout the years Sheckler Contracting, Inc. has been able to meet the demands of our costumers and clients while providing the highest level of quality.


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